Dark Trix is a photography
business that believes
in capturing the most perfect, quality moment.

I Am Emily
Hey there!
I am a professional photographer based out of the South-west suburbs of Chicago. I am one to always try new things to get that different look in an image. I go above and beyond to get that perfect shot, that once-in-a-lifetime image. Photography is a way I can express how truly interesting and beautiful the world can be.

I've been doing professional photography since 2018. I started by taking photos of local bands but it has spread to much more than just that. I've done concert, wedding, promotional, commercial, portrait, candid, landscape, still-life, architecture, and even paranormal/urbex photography! But even before becoming a professional photographer my love for photography has always been visible throughout my life. It can be seen from the countless amounts of photo albums my mom put together for me, to all the disposable cameras I ran through taking as many pictures I could to capture ALL the memories, to me taking photography classes in high school. From that point forward, it really flung me into the photo field and I couldn't be happier being able to show the world its beauty.